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Anshu Bisht (Gamer fleet) Bio and story

Anshu Bisht (Gamer fleet) Bio and story


Anshu Bisht, who you know by the name of Gamer Fleet, is a resident of Haldwani Poly sheet. Anshu’s age is 24 years, his family has his father, mother, and sister. and his annual income is between 2 to 3lakh per month. Which he earns from his two YouTube channels.

REAL NAMEAnshu Bisht
INCOME (NET WORTH)3 to 4lakhs per month

Anshu Bisht (Gamer fleet) Motivation Story

You must have seen Anshu Bisht laughing and joking a lot while playing the game. but very few people know Anshu’s, Struggle Story. He has struggled a lot till becoming the gamer fleet from Anshu Bisht.
It starts in 2016 when Jio was newly launched. At that time Anshu used to watch a lot of YouTube. Watched gaming videos and used to watch a lot of gaming channels. And from there Anshu’s interest in gaming started.

He had thought that he would also put gaming videos on YouTube. but his computer was too old due to which he was not able to make videos. after that he started teaching in the coaching center for some time and also started taking home tuition in the evening. After working like this for 3 months, he built 1 second-hand PC with his own money.



after that, he started playing the games and putting videos on youtube then came the Fortnite game. which he played a lot with his friend and he also came in the top 25 ranking of India. As well as that he got his first stream of the Fortnite game.

And after some time the PUBG game was also launched, then he used to stream Fortnite and PUBG. as well as create custom rooms of PUBG from morning to evening. From which he got very good results and his subscriber had also increased to five thousand. and channel monetization was on.

got a very good response but due to family pressure, Anshu had to find a job and he used to do a seven to eight job. where sometimes it was too late due to which he was not able to pay his attention to gaming. He later left that job and he again went to Delhi, he did a job for some time in Delhi,

but there too he had to struggle a lot and one day he came back home. And started gaming again but he was not getting a good response. Due to which he had to go to Delhi once again for some time he again got a job in Delhi.


Where the condition was slightly better for him, he was earning well from the job. But at the same time, the lockdown came and when he came back home after the lockdown, he started gaming again.

he gradually turned his attention to gaming and also played games with big YouTubers, Samay, Tanmay Bhatt with carry Minati. But after that, a major setback came when his father once scolded him a lot his father had come after drinking. and Anshu tells that his father was in a lot of depression because Anshu was not doing anything for a long time sitting in front of the laptop and playing games. 

 Anshu felt very bad but later on Anshu’s family members understand and gave Anshu a chance to work in his field. But after that day Anshu never looked back, he slowly kept on moving forward and  1 day his 1 lakh subscribers were completed.

Anshu used to play among us more that time but now he plays Minecraft more and a video of his. A Story No One asked became quite viral. In which there are more than 1 million views and after that video. Anshu’s subscribers continued to grow slowly and today Anshu has completed 1 million subscribers.

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